Frequently Asked Questions


How does the platform work?

First access the site through www.kimiyagioielli.it (or via the previous site www.kimiya.it)


For new users it is necessary to register by simply indicating a form

Once logged in using the password provided, it is possible to navigate in the families of the PERLE ZIRCONI PAVE 'catalog

Choose the item by browsing the catalog categories or by searching for the item code in the appropriate box.

For each piece of jewelery the specific title of the gold to be used for manufacturing is required (750 585 375, the color of the gold to be used and other characteristics can be described in the area below (Notes).

It is then sufficient to indicate the size of the jewel and any processing notes.

For some items it is possible to select the specific color with relative photo

How to execute an order

In our online catalog it is possible to browse the various articles, view them and observe their weight in grams in gold.

It is sufficient to select an item, enter the desired title and color of the gold, the possible size and additional notes attached to the object.

The article will then be automatically inserted in the online order.

Once the selection of the list of items to be ordered has been selected and completed, following the guided procedure, it is possible to return to the list of items by moving through:

- The menu'

- The wording below

- By searching for the code itself if already known

- Through the catalog categories

At the end of the order before sending it is possible to insert in the notes the date of delivery of the order and send it via the appropriate button.

The order will be received in two copies by email for processing by our staff.

Final order confirmation

Once the choices are complete, the quantity is either clicked or stops on the order then returning to the catalog or continuing to complete the order request that will be simultaneously received by kimiyĆ  jewelry, receiving a copy automatically via email .

Order notes

Remember to enter the general notes of the order, the trademark or any urgency of processing in addition to the delivery date.

It is possible to follow the video tutorial to observe the steps for the execution of your order.


Under MY ORDERS, it will be possible to view the history of orders previously created via the web platform

At the bottom of the platform you can use search tools if you already know the product code or category of the catalog.

You can quickly change the language by clicking on the flag of your language region.

For any doubts or difficulties in the execution of orders it is possible to contact technical support at info@kimiya.it

Questions and answers

Orders on the site will only be used to create a future purchase proposal (it is not an e-commerce, there is no online payment method, but it is used for now, in accordance with commercial policies, as a private platform for management between customers and producers). If you wish, you can choose the items in the online catalog and create a "proforma order" for the pieces of your interest. An estimated price of the order to be produced will subsequently be sent, with no obligation to purchase. Hoping to have answered your questions We remain at your disposal for any clarification.

How to access the private catalog

Administrator approval and general password are required to log in. The possibility of surfing is for 2 hours.

How to place an order

Choose your articles and insert the notes, the possible measure. Check the order and if it is possible to delete the individual items from the order. At the end during the conclusion of the order enter the delivery date and in the notes the eventual brand related to the product.

How can I see or download my orders?

Access your user area and download documents or view the order in the list

How can I change the order?

It is possible to modify the estimate before order fulfillment. Once processed, it is necessary to redo the order specifying the change. For any eventuality you can contact us: info@kimiya.it